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Monday, January 5, 2015

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion Review

Hey Everyone! I'm back with another review of a product that I tried and tested for 2 weeks now, and that is the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion. I've seen certain Youtubers and people say this worked for them, while others say it made their acne breakouts even worse, so I decided I'd give it a try since I needed something to control my hormonal breakouts every month. I found this at an Urban Outfitters in New York City for $17! I'll keep this review short and sweet so I'll jump right into it!

Background on my skin type: Diagnosed with severe acne for several years, now left with scarring and occasional small breakouts.

Current skin type: Oily/Dry Combination skin, Very sensitive, Acne-Prone

Price of the product: ~$17

What the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion claims to do:

  • "helps dry out blemishes"
  • "balance oil in the skin"
  • "formulated for troubled complexions"
Tested product for: 2 weeks

What it did for me: 
  • It DID dry out my blemishes overnight (very small ones) and the medium-sized ones went down by a little. If it were any large pimple, I would say give this a 2-3 nights application trial.
  • It smells STRONGLY of rubbing alcohol to the point it hurt my nostrils as I opened the bottle but you won't smell it on your skin, so don't worry.
  • It DID NOT balance oil in my skin, in fact my skin felt very stretched and dry in the areas I applied this product. So you definitely need a moisturizer after applying this drying lotion.
Side notes/Tips:
  • "Formulated for troubled complexions"...hmm...I find this a bit misleading because I personally feel like anyone with large pimples/breakouts that are spread out across the face would not benefit much from this product. Yes it can make smaller breakouts disappear overnight, but for larger pimples it'd take more than 2-3 days.
  • I personally feel like prolonged use of this product would simply irritate sensitive skin and it definitely dries out the skin a lot. So I highly suggest using a good moisturizer.
  • I would only recommend using this product at night after your skin care routine, and before moisturizer.
  • Do not touch the bottom pink part of the bottle when using a Q-tip dipping into the bottle. 
  • Do not shake the bottle. If you did, wait for the pink and yellow liquid part to separate completely first.
  • You don't need a lot of this product, a little bit is fine. The more you apply, the more it will sting.
  • A little goes a long way
  • I've included some pictures of my skin after I used this product on smaller breakouts...I had a medium-sized pimple on my forehead 2 days ago but now it's gone! (Excuse my scars..I did not want to cover up my face with foundation as it would be inaccurate photos!)

Overall rating: 3.5/5 - While it did help make my smaller/less troublesome pimples disappear, it is still a rather harsh product (that's how I feel about it), and I don't think it's a product you can rely on in the long run if you have acne-prone blemished skin. I'd say this product is best for people with occasional breakouts, normal skin or oily skin. If you have dry skin, I hope you have a heavy duty moisturizer!

Koji xx
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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Michael Todd True Organics - Acne/Oily/Combination Sensitive skin regimen review

Hello Everyone!

I have finally finished testing and trying the full size products from the Michael Todd True Organics: "Acne or Oily Sensitive Regimen" line. After using the products for several months till the bottles were all empty, I thought i'd review this skin care line.

To start off, I'll give a brief overview/facts about my skin type:

  • Oily/Combination/Sensitive (possibly the worst skin type ever)
  • Very sensitive (+cannot handle any products that have too much fragrance in it)
  • Gets oily during the day especially in the T-zone
  • Super dry at night (after cleansing) and extremely dry in the mornings (skin peels and is flaky)
  • Acne-prone (not cystic, just breakouts from stress/anxiety)
  • Lots of scars from past acne
No products have EVER worked for me before (Proactiv, Murad, Clinic, Neutrogena, Clean&Clear, Laneige, and many others), and I did not want to try any more products that contained benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid because those ingredients simply do not work on my skin. Many "acne treating" products out there contain those two ingredients and my skin simply doesn't react to them. Oh, I was also not looking for any products that contained alcohol in it because my skin is terribly dry enough on its own in the morning+night, I really don't need alcohol to help make that worse. So....I decided to try out Michael Todd products after hearing countless good things about the line!

(Not my photo)

Enough of my rambling, and onto the products themselves! So the first 3 steps below are what I do on a day-to-day basis. Steps 4-5 are used 1-2 times per week. 

1. The cleanser: CHARCOAL DETOX (everyday)
It cleans my face gentle enough so that my skin doesn't peel as much, yet efficiently removing the dirt and oil off my face. When I used this product, I didn't even use make-up remover/make-up wipes to take off my foundation. I simply used a quarter's size amount and lather it onto my face, and that did the job for me. 

2. The toner: BLUE GREEN ALGAE (everyday)
I use this after I wash my face with the cleanser, on a small cotton pad I "wet" it 3-4 times by tilting the bottle. It is not harsh like the toners that contain alcohol in them, it might sting a bit (not in a bad way) at first because of sensitive skin, but my skin felt so refreshed and clean afterwards. You could really see the residue gunk on the cotton pad too.

3. The serum: ANTIOXIDANT CARROT (used 4 times a week)
This serum used in conjunction with the cleanser and toner, was probably what helped my acne stay at bay. It didn't "remove" or take away any of my acne because I still noticed small breakouts here and there and those small annoying bumps of white heads and such. One thing I must point out though, is that if you have this product on your face for the night, sleep on your back and not on the side or else it will rub off onto your pillow. You'll feel the product on your face after application and the feeling will stay there. 

4. The facial scrub: JOJOBA CHARCOAL SCRUB (used 2 times a week)
I loved this scrub because not only did it not sting my face like other scrubs that I hurry to wash off, but it was sooooo gentle! I slowly massage this all over my face in circular motions and allow the small beads do their job. My skin feels soooo soft and all the dead skin cells are gone after every use.

5. The mask: KAOLIN CLAY (once a week)
This mask gave the same smooth skin feeling after using it like the face scrub. You can really feel the mask tightening onto the skin after 5 minutes, and smiling becomes difficult! I leave it on for approximately 15 minutes then I wash it off with lukewarm water.  I moisturize my face right after because it is kind of drying. 

Overall rating: 4/5
The only reason why I would not give this skin care line full points is because if you are someone who's looking for something to help clear away ALL your acne, this line may or may not do that for you. You can keep trying to see after two repurchases if it makes a huge difference or not, but personally, this line only kept my acne at bay. Right after I emptied my bottles, the acne slowly crept back. Not cystic, but annoying enough to feel bumps across my face. 

I also cannot forget to mention that when I first received my package, the toner leaked. So I lost some product there. The dispenser for the serum also bothered me a lot. I think mine was slightly broken somehow. It always gave me an inconsistent amount! 

  • Warning: All the products have a heavy smell to them at first because they are organic. You will get used to it!
  • Moisturize after using the toner/any other treatments you use
  • I don't moisturize after using the serum because it's heavy on it's own and I HIGHLY recommend putting paper towel or sleeping on your back when using the serum, simply because it will rub off onto your pillow
  • Don't abuse the amount of product being squeezed out of the tube. You only need enough product to cover your face in a THIN layer! This is true for all the products!

Koji xx
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Saturday, December 28, 2013


Let's start off with how this cleanser was built/made. It is very easy ergonomically to use, it fits perfectly into my small hands, and one button is all it takes to get this product working. Initially, I had thought that it was just another gimmick made by these beauty companies, but after several uses, I don't think that's completely the case.

I bought this for around $10 CAD/USD, and in the package came with 2-weeks supply of pads, and the cleanser itself (batteries not included). So I think that is a really good deal! I don't know if you can see the mini "bubble-looking-bump" at the bottom right of the cleanser, that is the only 1 button you ever need to click. The batteries are placed inside the cleanser (via opening of the giant pink patch on the cleanser). Don't worry! It's waterproof! Also, I personally just leave the batteries in there until next use because i'm honestly too lazy to remove them after each use.


My skin type: Combination (very oily in summer, very flaky and dry during winter)
Trial period for this product: 3 weeks

Neutrogena claim that the cleanser "provides you with softer skin with after just one use" AND that it cleans "10x deeper to remove more dirt, oil, and makeup" . I will have to agree that after one use, i feel like all the dead skin had been removed from my face and all the residual makeup left on my face from my cleaning (before using the wave). I visibly see the residual foundation that I had on that day on my pad. Also if you have any whiteheads that are obviously sticking out of your skin, if you're lucky, it will also remove that for you! If you're the type of person that likes to rush out of the washroom and hate spending time there scrubbing your face with makeup wipes and your regular face cleanser, this product may be right for you.

You can use this product while you're in the shower as well, that's what I do for convenience. When I use this cleanser, I feel a very cool sensation on my skin. I'm pretty sure it's the formula inside the foaming pads.

All-in-all, I think that this product is a great purchase: it's really affordable especially if you're a student or somebody who doesn't have the extra money/budget to spend on a Clarisonic Skin Cleanser, this is a great alternative. It cleans deeply into your skin and efficiently, removing all the dirt/oil/dead skin cells off your face. Not to mention, after using this the night before I apply makeup, makes application of my foundation 10x smoother. It is a great substitute for the time being that i'm saving up for a more expensive cleanser!


- Need to repurchase refill pads (around $5, but at least you don't need to repurchase the cleanser itself!)
- Need to refill batteries because it's not rechargeable 

These downsides are minor things in my opinion, since you are paying $10 for the initial kit itself. 

Overall rating: 9/10


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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Mini Review: Kiehl's Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution

Hi everyone! 
Sorry this blog has been neglected for a couple of months. My partner-in-crime and I have been super busy with school! School had slightly taken over our lives. So now that finals are over and we are officially on break for the next couple of weeks, we will try and bring this blog back to life!

Today I will be giving a mini review on the Kiehl's Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution! I bought this product in the beginning of August, so it has been a couple of months and as you can see I've used about half the bottle. 

Why did I buy it?
I've been suffering from acne scarring for years, and been looking for something that can actually give me some good results. I found out about this from a youtube video from missglamorazzi and decided to check it out since I knew Kiehl's was a good brand.

On to the review...
The price is a little steep, $54 for a 30mL bottle (Canadian dollars). But it most definitely works!
I use this morning and night, about 4 drops a day and it still has a lot left! I would say it takes about 3-4 weeks to see noticeable results, less if you exfoliate often. If you're buying in store, definitely listen to the Sales Associate's advice they are very helpful. But if you're planning on ordering it, here is the lowdown. You should use this day and night to see faster results. The reason why it takes about 3-4 weeks to see noticeable results is because your skin takes about 28 days to renew itself, that's why it takes slightly less if you exfoliate often. You should also wear sunscreen whenever you are wearing the product, I can't explain it very well but from what I understood this serum will make your skin more susceptible to UV rays so slather on the sunscreen if you're going out. 
 Not only has it reduced acne scarring, but I would say that it has also improved the overall evenness of my skin tone. My skin looks way better than it did months ago. I am going to repurchase another bottle when this one is all gone. Kiehl's is awesome, but nothing will make your skin perfect. I still get pimples, and mine have a tendency to scar so I'm still trying to combat that.

Would I recommend this product?
Yes! If you are willing to spend the money, it is definitely worth your while. I would recommend this to anyone who has acne scarring or just wants to improve their overall skin tone.

xx Kathy
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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Printed Bomber

I spotted this printed bomber on sale at Zara about a month ago and I had to get it! To be honest, this isn't the kind of print I usually reach for. I always thought I'd look like a wannabe Japanese mobster if I wore this. But when I tried this on, I loved the way it looked! 

The fit is definitely oversized, which is my fave fit. I also love how bright it is!
Pictured is me pairing the bomber with just a simple white tank, black dolphins shorts, and some flats!


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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

EyeCandy Lens Review

Hello everyone! So recently I made a purchase on this online circle lens shop called EyeCandy Lens (EyeCandy’s) as they call themselves now, and before I begin my review, let me say that I have been a consistent Circle Lens user for about…6 years now. And for the past 2 years I’ve only been wearing circle lens on and off (1-2 times per week…sometimes none or even just once).  I take really good care of my eyes and I notice almost immediately when something irritate, or just simply feels wrong with my eye.

The shipment/delivery: 1/5
Okay so please excuse me as I am going to be relatively blunt in my review, because eye health to me is important and I do not understand people who create websites to sell fake lenses to people, and people blindly trust the online shop. I bought a pair of Geo Super Nudy Brown and Geo Super Nudy Grey, and made the order on the first week of August. First of all, I was not impressed with the delivery time because it was 2 days till September when I received the lenses. Honestly, it takes way too long to receive.

Quality/First impression/Comfort: 1/5
Second of all, I have no way of verifying whether or not my lenses are fake, because the “Geo’s website:” Seems to be down because they haven’t renewed it in a year now. (Does that mean the system was broken since 2012 so anyone could’ve created fake lenses with fake GEO verification codes??!). Also if you look in the picture, the verification sticker’s “Scratch here” ISN’T supposed to have an exclamation mark at the end. (Meaning, “Scratch here!” is NOT what the original GEO stickers have on them). The color of the sticker is also supposed to be teal, not light green. The design on the teal part it is also supposed to be obvious, not having me to squint in order to see some.

Moreover, I checked the design of my lenses and the darker “outer ring” of the nudy lens seems a bit off to me as in, it’s not a clean, round shape, but rather a fuzzy messed up print.
I thought that I was being a little too paranoid so I took out the lens and put 1 eye in and it felt really wrong. It literally felt like I had pieces of eyelashes stuck in my eye so I pulled it out right away.
The stickers on the bottles are also crooked, and apparently they are not supposed to be. On top of that, GEO changed their bottles for the Magic Color series.

Thirdly, they sent me the wrong prescription for my Geo Super Nudy Greys. I asked for (-5.50, -5.25) and I received (-5.00, -3.50). How can the numbers be so off??!! (I was buying this pair for a friend by the way)

Service: 2/5
Okay they get a “2” ad not “1” on 5 for this simply because, they offered to send me a new pair of lens. So if they mess up your order somehow, tell them, and they should be sending you a pair of free ones without having you to mail the “wrong” ones back.

The order with EyeCandys was obviously not smooth as a process. Initially, during the 2nd or 3rd week of no shipment (approximately), I escalated a paypal claim for a refund because 1) I did not receive my lens within the given time frame they said would arrive 2) I read other reviews of people getting permanent eye damage from scratching of the cornea by using circle lenses from EyeCandys. I remember filing this claim in at night on this one day, and ONE HOUR LATER, they give me a tracking number.  (Keep in mind they live in Hong Kong and my nighttime=their daytime). To me, that was suspicious. They had an hour to go to a post office to mail off my lenses to avoid refunding me. I remember not accepting that because I was sooo in doubt! So they asked me to mail back the lenses to them. So I go to the post office the next day and shipping to HK was $70 (I bought the pair for $52) so no way am I doing that, therefore, I had no choice but to keep the lenses. 

To conclude everything, I must put out there that the people at EyeCandy's are not rude, it's just their products don't seem to be very trustworthy if you're putting your eye health on the line to try their products, and the shipment time is just......not good. Well, I'm an impatient person. 

xx Koji
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