Tuesday, September 10, 2013

EyeCandy Lens Review

Hello everyone! So recently I made a purchase on this online circle lens shop called EyeCandy Lens (EyeCandy’s) as they call themselves now, and before I begin my review, let me say that I have been a consistent Circle Lens user for about…6 years now. And for the past 2 years I’ve only been wearing circle lens on and off (1-2 times per week…sometimes none or even just once).  I take really good care of my eyes and I notice almost immediately when something irritate, or just simply feels wrong with my eye.

The shipment/delivery: 1/5
Okay so please excuse me as I am going to be relatively blunt in my review, because eye health to me is important and I do not understand people who create websites to sell fake lenses to people, and people blindly trust the online shop. I bought a pair of Geo Super Nudy Brown and Geo Super Nudy Grey, and made the order on the first week of August. First of all, I was not impressed with the delivery time because it was 2 days till September when I received the lenses. Honestly, it takes way too long to receive.

Quality/First impression/Comfort: 1/5
Second of all, I have no way of verifying whether or not my lenses are fake, because the “Geo’s website: www.geo21eye.com” Seems to be down because they haven’t renewed it in a year now. (Does that mean the system was broken since 2012 so anyone could’ve created fake lenses with fake GEO verification codes??!). Also if you look in the picture, the verification sticker’s “Scratch here” ISN’T supposed to have an exclamation mark at the end. (Meaning, “Scratch here!” is NOT what the original GEO stickers have on them). The color of the sticker is also supposed to be teal, not light green. The design on the teal part it is also supposed to be obvious, not having me to squint in order to see some.

Moreover, I checked the design of my lenses and the darker “outer ring” of the nudy lens seems a bit off to me as in, it’s not a clean, round shape, but rather a fuzzy messed up print.
I thought that I was being a little too paranoid so I took out the lens and put 1 eye in and it felt really wrong. It literally felt like I had pieces of eyelashes stuck in my eye so I pulled it out right away.
The stickers on the bottles are also crooked, and apparently they are not supposed to be. On top of that, GEO changed their bottles for the Magic Color series.

Thirdly, they sent me the wrong prescription for my Geo Super Nudy Greys. I asked for (-5.50, -5.25) and I received (-5.00, -3.50). How can the numbers be so off??!! (I was buying this pair for a friend by the way)

Service: 2/5
Okay they get a “2” ad not “1” on 5 for this simply because, they offered to send me a new pair of lens. So if they mess up your order somehow, tell them, and they should be sending you a pair of free ones without having you to mail the “wrong” ones back.

The order with EyeCandys was obviously not smooth as a process. Initially, during the 2nd or 3rd week of no shipment (approximately), I escalated a paypal claim for a refund because 1) I did not receive my lens within the given time frame they said would arrive 2) I read other reviews of people getting permanent eye damage from scratching of the cornea by using circle lenses from EyeCandys. I remember filing this claim in at night on this one day, and ONE HOUR LATER, they give me a tracking number.  (Keep in mind they live in Hong Kong and my nighttime=their daytime). To me, that was suspicious. They had an hour to go to a post office to mail off my lenses to avoid refunding me. I remember not accepting that because I was sooo in doubt! So they asked me to mail back the lenses to them. So I go to the post office the next day and shipping to HK was $70 (I bought the pair for $52) so no way am I doing that, therefore, I had no choice but to keep the lenses. 

To conclude everything, I must put out there that the people at EyeCandy's are not rude, it's just their products don't seem to be very trustworthy if you're putting your eye health on the line to try their products, and the shipment time is just......not good. Well, I'm an impatient person. 

xx Koji


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