Saturday, December 28, 2013


Let's start off with how this cleanser was built/made. It is very easy ergonomically to use, it fits perfectly into my small hands, and one button is all it takes to get this product working. Initially, I had thought that it was just another gimmick made by these beauty companies, but after several uses, I don't think that's completely the case.

I bought this for around $10 CAD/USD, and in the package came with 2-weeks supply of pads, and the cleanser itself (batteries not included). So I think that is a really good deal! I don't know if you can see the mini "bubble-looking-bump" at the bottom right of the cleanser, that is the only 1 button you ever need to click. The batteries are placed inside the cleanser (via opening of the giant pink patch on the cleanser). Don't worry! It's waterproof! Also, I personally just leave the batteries in there until next use because i'm honestly too lazy to remove them after each use.


My skin type: Combination (very oily in summer, very flaky and dry during winter)
Trial period for this product: 3 weeks

Neutrogena claim that the cleanser "provides you with softer skin with after just one use" AND that it cleans "10x deeper to remove more dirt, oil, and makeup" . I will have to agree that after one use, i feel like all the dead skin had been removed from my face and all the residual makeup left on my face from my cleaning (before using the wave). I visibly see the residual foundation that I had on that day on my pad. Also if you have any whiteheads that are obviously sticking out of your skin, if you're lucky, it will also remove that for you! If you're the type of person that likes to rush out of the washroom and hate spending time there scrubbing your face with makeup wipes and your regular face cleanser, this product may be right for you.

You can use this product while you're in the shower as well, that's what I do for convenience. When I use this cleanser, I feel a very cool sensation on my skin. I'm pretty sure it's the formula inside the foaming pads.

All-in-all, I think that this product is a great purchase: it's really affordable especially if you're a student or somebody who doesn't have the extra money/budget to spend on a Clarisonic Skin Cleanser, this is a great alternative. It cleans deeply into your skin and efficiently, removing all the dirt/oil/dead skin cells off your face. Not to mention, after using this the night before I apply makeup, makes application of my foundation 10x smoother. It is a great substitute for the time being that i'm saving up for a more expensive cleanser!


- Need to repurchase refill pads (around $5, but at least you don't need to repurchase the cleanser itself!)
- Need to refill batteries because it's not rechargeable 

These downsides are minor things in my opinion, since you are paying $10 for the initial kit itself. 

Overall rating: 9/10



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